And so it goes

So another year has come and this year is the first in many where I’m not seeing any really dark clouds or major barriers on the horizon. This year actually seems calm. So by saying that I may have likely jinxed myself.

In getting here lots has changed. The biggest one is sitting on my lap as I type this complaining… Yes, Peanut I know you are hungry! Don’t eat your father! I can’t remember if 2010 felt this way before the layoff, but I think with all the news in the air at the time, everyone knew something was going to happen, and regardless, there would be blood as it were. This time, even with oil in the tank, I’m not worried as much because I’m with a much better organization and with a skill set that is being sought out by employers.

We are also in a home now that we know we will be in for many years and building ties into our neighbourhood that we haven’t before. The poinsettia that is pictured is a present from the Judges next door. This gives strength, even as things like illness try to take it away. Nobody in the house is ill, but our extended family and friends have battled, and sometimes won, against cancer and other ailments. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything has never rung more true.

Finally, this is the 10th anniversary year. So in many ways, we get to do things over again with some better ideas as to what not to do in life, but this time, we get to take the kids along.

And so it goes. Time moves one, things change, but now those changes are looking up.