X or Ten

It’s become apparent to me that I need to start writing more, and the best place to do that here is here. And with a goal or putting ideas together about storytelling, this is going to be random and techy.

I woke up this morning at 12:45 to be sure I could get my hands on a shiny new iPhone X. And I was ready. Both the Apple Store App and the web store were loaded and refreshed and at 12:59, I waited. Looking for 1:00 to show on the clock and the mad refreshing to begin. But something happened… the clock skipped… 1:01. What? Was this a glitch in the matrix? Was this something else? Was I paying too much attention to something else? I don’t know. But within a few minutes, I got in and Inhad in my “bag” a 256GB Black iPhone X (image via c|net).

And I had a pickup time set for November 3, now all I had to do was pay. And then it happened. ApplePay said there was an error. I don’t know if it was frustration or panic, I felt, but I was suddenly far more focused. I didn’t want a shipping window. But in the 10 seconds it took to refresh everything, that’s exactly what happened. This time, I defaulted to the basic payment method. Entering numbers manually just to be sure. The result was a window. 2-3 weeks (November 22-29). Crap.

But maybe not. Maybe the skipped time and the ApplePay fail saved me. Block A of a Rev A device may have a few issues that the subsequent blocks may not have. It could also be that I get my date moved up. Who knows.

Thinking about this post right now, it looks very much like a journal, a story to myself. Now that it’s captured, what will it teach me? When will I learn it? Who will it enlighten? How can I grow ideas like this?

Edit… looks like I wasn’t the only one .