The wall

I’m no stranger to running into walls – the figurative kind, not the real ones. Things don’t always go the way that you want them to go, and sometimes it’s because it was never meant to be, other times it’s because there are forces beyond one’s control at work. It seems that “at work” is were the most recent of these forces came into being. After busting my back for years to develop a position, to advance into, it seems to have gone to someone else. This is the second strike after being ignored for all the work I had put in for a previous project. Some people dig their own graves by not working to their potential… it seems that I have the opposite problem. I work and build walls that prevent me from moving in the direction that I intended.

If I had moved in the manner that I intended, I think it would have made for a very festive Christmas time, but as it is now, it’s a bit dulled when I think of anything outside the home. Because at home, I have all that I need. Sure it would be nice to be appreciated at work, but that rarely happens. But I am pretty sure that I’m appreciated at home, within those four walls that I’ve built for the four of us.