Million Dollar Family

Well here we are. The million dollar family. So called because there is one son to inherit the wealth of the family and one daughter to grow the wealth. Or whatever that is supposed to be these days. For Neelam and I, it’s the Mastercard family. It’s priceless.

Khyan arrived October 10, 2014, and after a short stay with his nurse friends, things are starting to settle at home. Aishani is totally rocking being a big sister and Neelam is being a super-trooper mommy. To say that I’m massively lucky is an understatement. With all that we’ve gone through to get here, luck need some supernatural intervention to get the job done.

When Aishani was born, I wanted to document her life in text, but sadly that didn’t happen. She has been very well documented in photos and videos on the other hand, so I think I’m ok. But I’m going to try again with Khyan. But instead of on Househusbands, I’ll do it here. I’ll see what I can do with that other domain.

So what is there about Khyan that is worth documenting? Well, he adores his sister. He’s a ravenous little tike who will just as easily try to eat a bib, a hand, or a clavicle! If I were to record the sound, it would be the effects track for a zombie movie. Oh yeah, the tired hangry Khyan is very zombie like.

I’m travelling for work for most of November, so I’m going to miss out on what will effectively be a month of his young life. I know others have missed more, but this still hurts to think about. Thankfully I’ll be back on the weekends. I can sleep when I’m out on the road, missing my munchkin and peanut.