Frozen February

Well birthday month is on us again. Between family and friends, there is quite a bit of celebrating to be had. But it’s also the month that the temperatures head back into the freezer. This year doesn’t seem to be that much different. One thing that is different is that this year, I’m changing my camera system. I haven’t dropped Canon completely, but I’m moving to mirrorless, on the Fuji X platform. I’m really looking forward to learning the new system, but more over, taking control of the process in a new way. Speaking of control, and this being one of those karma things that I am ever keen about. My current main body, my trust 7D, was purchased with funds from my severance back in 2010. I got it with the goal of getting my photography hobby to “puff out a bit”. Well it certainly did. Over the next 4 and some years, I collected all manner of extras and learned all manner of things about photography and myself. But with the exception of three lenses, a broken flash, and the 7D, all my old Canon gear is now gone to pay for the new Fuji. My trusty 30D that captured my nephew, the amazing Sigma glass, all gone. To be resurrected as a Fuji XT-1 body with a 18-135mm f3.5-5.6, and 35mm f1.4 lens combo. Hopefully this helps me grow again.