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Network Based Copy and Paste for iPhone – via Pastebud

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By , December 11, 2008 5:53 pm

It looks like someone has figured a way around the AppStore as well as the iSlate OS as well – I wonder if it will work on all generations of the device. I’ll check my iPod touch (1st Gen) tomorrow.


Real iPhone 3G Data use

By , August 28, 2008 4:37 pm

Well, it seems that Rogers was right about the data usage – that most people won’t use “unlimited” amounts of data… at least from the start:

In the first four weeks of usage, 95 per cent of customers used less than half a gigabyte and 91 per cent used less than 200 megabytes. Only a single customer exceeded the 6GB threshold, Ms. Hamilton said.

Rogers has decided to extend the current pricing plan for another month and will make it available to owners of all devices.

This confirms two things for me – that first, as a consumer device, not many people were using this as a data device and second that the CSR that helped me with my Bold was right that the 6GB/$30 data plan would be extended (sometimes they have a clue!).

Over time, I think this will change. As data becomes more important to the average user, the amount of data that is used will go up, but at least there seem to be some real numbers. I’m wondering what those early adopters that read this have gone through.

Personally, I used to go through about 20MB on my Pearl, but with the Bold and the faster connection, I’m using the browser much more often and that will increase my data useage. But until I start using my phone as a mobile modem, I don’t think I’ll be chewing up 6GB either… though I might.

Bold for upgraders

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By , August 22, 2008 10:05 pm

Well it seems that I got it more right than I thought – at least I beat the National Post to the idea as to how the iPhone and Bold are being marketed. While I was coming home today another thought hit me – the $100 price difference between the top end iPhone and the Bold would have got chewed up by a MobileMe subscription to get non Exchange calendar sync.

I’m staying BB

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By , July 21, 2008 2:45 pm

This weekend, after playing around with the idea of moving to the iPhone some more; I realized that with the touch, I’ve got all the iPhone goodness that I need and the BB provides me with what I really need – a rock solid and capable communications device – not a phone that plays some games for an hour or so. If I do some digging, I’m sure there are the same number of other productivity apps out there for the BB as there are showing up for the iPhone. The BB does afterall have a more bunsiness oriented pedigree.

Some of the points that preceeded the tipping point:

  • IMs – BB Messenger, Windows Live, gTalk… all at the same time (granted could have gone either way)
  • Poor battery life playing games on the touch – and really how often am I going to be playing “tilty/touchy” games when usually I’ll be passing time with Ka-Glomm or Poker while I wait for this or that
  • Remote and games work on the touch just as well as they do on the iPhone
  • SLOW 2.0 software – and it looks like I’m not the only one (Ars)

And then something about the BRG review hit me:

The iPhone 3G is a consumer device that happens to play nice with a lot of corporations, and we honestly think you won’t find many people dropping their BlackBerrys for an iPhone. They’ll carry both as long as they can afford it.

I already have all the functionality of the iPhone that I want with none of the cost, but with the added flexibility of being able “choose my poison”. If I was in a situation that required me to only carry one device, then I might still be in a pinch, but right now that is not the case. I’m able to carry both devices when I need to and more often than not I need a communicator more than a remote/handheld game ‘net device.

Switching Fruit

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By , July 17, 2008 10:44 am

To add more information to the whole idea of jumping from one fruit to another, I found this article that talks about what one would gain (or lose) through the switch. Many of the points raised are important for me as well, but in the end – to I want a palmtop computer or an ubercommunications device? If the answer is the former – iPhone it is, the latter – BB. But I can certainly see the iPhone quickly getting the requisite Google Apps (gTalk, calendar sync et al) and other messenger apps to catch up to the Blackberry. THIS ISN’T GETTING EASIER!

But I still see myself sticking with the BB if only for copy paste and OTA sync with Google Calendar..

BGR – iPhone3G vs Blackberry Bold

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By , July 17, 2008 8:25 am

As I was browsing the virtual aisles of the the App store last night on the iPod touch, I caught myself thinking … maybe I could live with some of the shortfalls of the iPhone, and in reality, if I really want to be using the device that likely a majority of students on campus will have in some form, maybe that should be the upgrade path for me… then I broke out of this trance as I realised that I had been playing Mahjong (yes the company site is a Blogspot blog, but the app is free, so what do you expect?) (App Store) for maybe half an hour without blinking my eyes. But after that I was thinking about it again and I really don’t know why (my Pearl is kick’n along just fine), other than the fact that I could reduce my monthly bills and make up for the cost of the upgrade within probably 6 months. Other than a lack of C&P and no unified mailbox system (or from what I can tell multiple signatures) – the iPhone is really the device to beat. But then again, with an iPod touch, I have most of those features anyway right? Ah to be spoiled by choice.

Fast forward a bit to this morning, I find in my reader that Boy Genius has gone and compared the two devices and the result is that they basically come out in a tie. If you need more business oriented features like being able to edit MS Office docs and manhandle a mountain of email the plus goes to the Bold. If you need the consumer oriented features of being able to show pictures and videos more than needing to copy and paste the occasional bit of info between one app and the other, the game goes to the iPhone.  Dang it if this doesn’t make the choice harder… though maybe if I look ahead… the ability to show off photos and videos might really come in handy.

iPhone Infographic

By , July 10, 2008 3:24 pm

CBC has a really good infographic that looks at iPhone prices around the world and we are indeed one of the most expensive. With all the pricing information in one place, it would be easier for both proponents of Rogers and opponents to mount their arguements. I’m thinking that Canada can be compared to Austrailia in terms of “providing service to a sparce population”, but with 3 carriers, the competition has put the price way down. In some countries, the iPhone could be a very legitimate mLearning platform – extendable, affordable and networked.

Apple turns its back in its Canadian stores?

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By , July 8, 2008 12:26 pm

Well, if this (CBC) isn’t a slap in the face, I don’t know what is. Apple is not going to be selling iPhone 3Gs in any of its Canadian Stores (edit – well any actually). That is certainly going to suck for everyone involved. Even though there are a number of Rogers stores in the malls (at least in WEM) where the Apple stores are located, the limited numbers of phones is not going to go well.

Rogers to get stunned with silence on July 11th?

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By , July 7, 2008 11:38 am

Well it seems that the iPhone thing won’t die for Rogers. p2pnet has a collection of links for some of the buzz that is around Rogers and the iPhone – and if you don’t like that as a news source, check out CNN. So beyond the numbers that the various sites have been tossing around, there is one thing that I haven’t seen addressed (after seeing that Bell charges a mint for GPS) – what about the other services that are data hungry – GPS? Maps? and while we are at it… what about that System Access Fee (Sign the C-555 petition) or still paying for Caller ID?

I’m on Rogers and I find their rates to be resonable with the plan that I’ve been able to tailor for my wife and myself. But I certainly don’t like the System Access Fee. But as far as the iPhone stuff goes… It might be expensive… but how often are people going to be using the 3G access – when will the more than likely be in an area that has WiFi? But if the numbers that have been crunched for average page size are true… I’m still thinking that (even thinking that the average pageview would be 1MB) 400 pages a month (10/day) while you are not at home or at work might be low but reasonable… I know that I might get stoned, and I’m certainly not thinking that the plans are “affordable” or equal… but I would really like to see real user numbers as to data usage before passing judgement.

But in the mean time… enjoy this – not embedded because it’s not family friendly.

Apple Store comes to WEM

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By , June 30, 2008 6:06 pm

I know I’m about a half day late on this news, but the Apple store is opening (and I would think effectively killing off WestWorld and the other Mac shops in town) July 5th at 10am, one week before iPhone Day. If you are one of the first 1000 in the doors (I’m thinking that you are likely lining up then at about 4am), you’ll get a free t-shirt. You’ll find it conspicuously close (ie next to) the Disney Store.

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