First look at FF Mobile

I’ve been looking for information on FF Mobile all week (while noticing some of my last posts are really not written that well) and I finally found something. This is the first look for the new Firefox Mobile and it looks very nice to say the least. I’m sure that they will release it on all platforms, so that means when/if that happens, there will be a browser comparable to Safari on the iSlates.

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

While Aza Raskin on the video suggests that this is a touchscreen (single, not multi) interface design, the fact that they are using it with a cursor makes me think that they will leave that in for those phones that don’t/won’t have touchscreens. But beyond mobile (which is beyond the desk/lap/palm), all the talk about MS Surface, and the rise of the touch interface in general, I think this is the way we might see other versions of this for touch or pen driven interfaces/OSes as well.