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Picture of the Week – Busy Bugs

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By , July 16, 2010 8:01 am

Busy Bugs

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well, I’ve seen spider egg sacs before, I’ve seen baby spiders before, but I’ve never seen a… well ball of baby spiders like this before. It reminded me very much of Charlotte’s Web. They were moving as a flock. At one point, they had been washed down from where they are in this image and then they worked together to get back to their original site. Quite amazing I must say. I was hoping to get some more angles (I also wanted to get a more dispersed shot that I could have got each time a small breeze caused the critters to scatter), but since I was doing some construction at the time, I had to move quick and get back to the hammering and torquing of the the various bits that were being put together. Karma wise, I’m hoping the new start for these little critters reflects the new start that I am looking into over the next few weeks.

Picture of the week – Canadian Hands

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By , July 2, 2010 12:17 pm

Canadian Hands

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well, this is the Canada Day Long Weekend for many of us – and even if people don’t officially have today off, many people are taking it anyway it seems.

I spotted these leaves when I was mowing and pruning/weeding yesterday and it struck me how much like hands they seemed. So I was really happy that when I framed them, they retained that impression (at least to me).

I was planning to shoot them during the brighter part of the day, but between issues with shadows, a partially completed yard and a beat tired photog, I waited until the light was even in the evening.

The downside was that I could not stop down enough to get everything within the DOF as I had originally wanted to do, but then I got experimenting with some angles and DOF, and this 2.8 shot came out best, angled so that the OOF region is at the bottom (buttery bokeh) and focus moves through the “hands”.

This is the first time where I have thought to myself that maybe a Lensbaby might be a fun thing to try – it would make getting shot like this a little easier – I wouldn’t have to be so acrobatic… maybe when I get older.

Picture of the Week – Event Horizon

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By , May 21, 2010 8:17 am

Event Horizon

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well after the rain this weekend, I’m sure that my roses will start coming out. It also feels like I’m at some sort of horizon in my search as well – hopefully things will turn up roses.

Picture of the week – Sleeping

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By , May 14, 2010 8:31 am


Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well, this is from the same series that I shot about a month ago and it seems that in my quest to find something more long term… things are sleeping. Hopefully however, they will emerge from this gestational period to become something great. I know my PhD activity certainly seems to be moving in that direction.

Picture of the Week – A very little something

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By , April 30, 2010 8:29 am

A very little something

Originally uploaded by idarknight

This week, I felt very much like Pooh – very little brain, content, but not really getting any further than I was before. But I should try to keep one of the Bear’s most precious traits, nothing seems to get Pooh down. I’m sure things are going to get better with my search and this past week I made some contacts that might very well bear some fruit and if nothing else, like Pooh, helping others ultimately helps one’s self.

Today, after another long run (thankfully the sleet that was predicted hasn’t come – we have bright blue skies instead), I might try to get out to the Muttart Conservatory and take some shots there – surprisingly for the first time.

Picture of the Week – Not bouncing time

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By , April 23, 2010 10:03 am

Not bouncing time

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well I finally got around to shooting this lamp, and at that not until this morning. It seems that with all sorts of time, everything else seems to flood in to fill the void awful quick.

If you take a look at the Flickr stream, you’ll see what Tigger is looking at and why it’s not time to bounce. This seems to be good advice for me right now as well. I seem to be sharing quite a bit with ‘ol bouncy pants.

First, it seems like I’m the only one of “me” out there and as I’m applying for positions, that becomes more and more obvious. This can be good or bad, but it seems like it might be good at least in the short term. Second, it seems like there is a little something that is resting now, but that could grow into something quite amazing. I just have to wait for it to wake up and then make sure I’m there when it needs to be able to take flight.

Photographically, I shot this series in an improved light box with two flashes, and umbrella and my trusty secret light background material. I played around with some really small apertures and they did nicely show some detail and they did indeed get a massive DOF, but I liked the wide open shots better. They also didn’t show just how dusty my sensor has gotten – time to clean I guess.

Picture of the Week – White Field

By , March 12, 2010 9:40 am

White Field

Originally uploaded by idarknight

I featured a green mum back in August, and that one turned out really well as a tricolor shot. So I tried this one as a monochrome and it worked out not too bad. The flower was white, so that helped get things into the classic monochrome mode. I shot one on manual and this one on Program and this one turned out better – on manual, I was trying to shoot at about 2.8 and it didn’t quite get an entire flowerette in. So I decided to get the shot based on focus points and Program set this up at 4.0 and it got what I wanted to get done, done.

I’m thinking that had I been shooting in better light, and with more time, I would have been able to setup in Manual, but this is one of those instances where it shows how it is important to be able to know and understand what your equipment will do when it does the thinking for you.

Picture of the Week – Winter Fun I

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By , December 11, 2009 8:58 am

Winter Fun I

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well this week has seen the city in a deep freeze and because of it, many people have been inside. But as it warms into the negative teens and with the amount of snow out there on the ground, I’m sure that there are going to be a number of rosy cheeked youngsters who are going to be out there building snow things.

Photo wise, this was from a set I wanted to be sure to have a deep DOF so that I got as much of the face in focus as possible, but with the way things went, I managed to almost get it. The noses were missed. But even with the miss, it seems that the result is still pleasing.

Picture of the Week – Wet Web

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By , August 28, 2009 7:54 am

Wet Web

Originally uploaded by idarknight

I’ve always wanted to do a “world is upside down in a water drop” shot and a wet web shot, and this gets both those shots off my shot list at the same time. The only real trick in this shot is to have an aperture that is large enough to get the area of the web that you want while ensuring you don’t have anything detailed in the background.

Picture of the Week – Green Mum

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By , August 21, 2009 7:54 am

Green Mum

Originally uploaded by idarknight

I don’t have a Lens Baby, and I don’t know if I want one, but I think I’m doing not too bad playing with DOF and angle. This mum is a nicely round flower that I thought might look more interesting with a different angle. It’s also a convenient way to play with lines as well.

This shot, together with one of the gerbs from the same bouquet also let me play with the monotone idea which turned out to be much more fun than I thought it would be.

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