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Picture of the Week – Captured Bees

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By , November 19, 2010 2:50 pm

Captured Bees

Originally uploaded by idarknight

This was a pure luck shot… and unless you are the parent of a young child who is bubble mad, you are likely not a “gourmet” bubble mix seeker to know that these sorts of bubbles are really quite easy to make, catch and photograph. But even with that said, you still have to catch the bubbles before the kids do!

I caught this one quite by accident and thought that I may as well take a shot and with a small amount of cropping, I’d say it came out pretty good. Over the last few months, I’ve really gained a new appreciation for bubbles. They are small ephemeral globes that bring nothing but joy to the hearts of most children. Seeing my daughter play in clouds of bubbles helps brighten any day and this image certainly helps bring those memories back.

Picture of the week – Learning to be a better pumpkin

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By , November 5, 2010 11:19 am

This week, it seems that the pumpkin is a theme for many of the events around my house. Halloween, and Thanksgiving have past, and now (today actually) it’s Diwalli. So, if I really wanted to, I could use a pumpkin to be a lantren to celebrate yet again.

Picture of the Week – Rounds

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By , October 29, 2010 9:57 am


Originally uploaded by idarknight

Lots of hidden karma here, but essentially, things keep going around and seeds in the distance come out and fill out in time.

I like this one for the patterns and bokeh.

Picture of the Week – Morning Glory

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By , October 1, 2010 10:02 am

Morning Glory

Originally uploaded by idarknight

September often sees some amazing sun events – rise and set. But as an old prof of mine once said, don’t show me a sunrise and expect me to respect it – it’s easy to stay awake until 5 in the winter or 11 in the summer (he was in Lethbridge), it take real dedication to get up at 5 for a sunrise, I can respect that.

So with that in mind, this sunrise was easily one of the most spectacular I’ve seen in a while – followed by a flaming orange sky – and the fact that it happened on a rest day for me was even better – I could shoot it. I love to head out running with this kind of sunrise because it feels like you are running in a dream, a happy one, not the sad ones like in What Dreams May Come.

Karma wise, all the colors of the sunrise present all the opportunities to move on from here – as last week was my closing off of the U of A chapter, this week is hopefully the colorful opening of this new chapter.

Picture of the Week – Crawling Skin

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By , August 27, 2010 8:36 am

Crawling Skin

Originally uploaded by idarknight

I can’t think of any particular “photo learning” story behind this one. I was on a texture kick at the time and I liked the soft moss against the hard rock, so shooting away, I spotted this critter who seemed to blend in just right. So I got down in the dirt and started snapping away at different angles, but when all was said and done, I liked this one the best.

Picture of the Week – Broken Skin

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By , August 13, 2010 10:09 am

Broken Skin

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well today celebrates 5 years of marriage for me and my wife – the wooden anniversary. I figured this shot was appropriate as only some of the stump has cleared up, but thee is much more ahead. The journey certainly isn’t smooth, but it is one that has it’s own beauty.

Picture of the Week – Education Falls III

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By , July 9, 2010 8:51 am

Education Falls III

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well, this may be it… my last days as staff on the U of A campus for a while. Hopefully I’ll return as a student, but as I “leave”, I remember the one landmark that I used to use every time I was wandering around campus – the UA sculpture. I forgot why it hooked onto it as a landmark, but I did. Over the years, it sat alone on the hill, until a couple years back, that hill sprouted one of the many water features on campus. Now, every lunch hour that I get a chance, I walk around campus and I’m sure to go by this area. It is almost always peaceful and I think the flowing water is certainly part of what makes it so.

This shot, being strangely off kilter also seems to reflect on where my world is right now. Parts are lining up as one would expect, new angles are framing the whole thing and despite the disruption, things are still peaceful in this new layout.

Picture of the Week – Hidden Friends III

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By , June 25, 2010 11:20 pm

Hidden Friends III

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well this morning, I was shooting CeLC 2010 as I was all week and while I was coming back from escorting workshop attendees across campus, I was pondering some shots on campus that I might want to shoot on the upcoming photowalk. But then it hit me… I’ve got a camera right now, I might as well scout some shots. So I went over to the Arts Quad to see if there was anything interesting to shoot between the trees, birds and the like, and as it turned out there were some birds. I was about to change the ISO to 100 to get an “optimal shot”. But then I remembered what one of the discussions at the conference about shooting at high ISO and getting the faux grain effect, so I thought… I should leave it. Sure enough, the grain seems to have worked out well – the fine details of the birds are gone, but (obviously) their camouflage is accentuated.

This shot also rose to the top this week because I was able to actually meet some hidden friends and felt very honoured and humbled for the experience. Thanks Alan, D’Arcy and many others.

Picture of the Week – Multinational Mornings

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By , April 9, 2010 8:28 am

Multinational Mornings

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well, sometimes you are sitting there staring at your morning hot beverage and you notice something – it might be something that you’ve seen every morning, but for some reason never noticed before. This is what I noticed this past weekend – that the steam rising from my Kona coffee from my Mexican Mug from what is likely a Chinese built carafe made from metals from around the world was actually composed of small droplets that I could see. I don’t know if I was looking for it, but that is what I saw. It may have been because I was looking over some photography posts on smoke photography made me more sensitive; but before, I had always noticed a sheet of vapour (which is also droplets, but too small to see or for me to take notice), but this time I noticed the droplets.

I tried a couple of things to catch this, but being constrained by not taking too much time from the family, the time that the beverage would be giving off the vapor and the time I had the sun in the right place, I was working fast. So the first thing I tried was a deep DOF, but that didn’t show much. I think if I had more control, I might have been able to get that one to work, but then it might not have been as interesting because there would be more in focus and it might not “feel” right. So my next shot was wide open. This one got the steam, but not the particles – I would have had to up the shutter for that – but having got a shot that was “close enough” I went back to breakfast with the girls and everyone was happy.

Picture of the Week – Electric Bug

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By , March 19, 2010 8:11 am

Electric Bug

Originally uploaded by idarknight

Well there is nothing really special technically about this picture, other than it as likely as close as I’ll get to a dragonfly for about another three months or so.

But looking at it as “things to shoot”, some of my friends say that they would like to get into photography, but they never go anywhere, they don’t have flowers (or they don’t by them), so what are they to practice on? Well, there is always something around the house. As often as not, the trick in being able to take good pictures is to take what everyone else sees and then take or add elements to make it more interesting. Lamps, dishes, toys all make great subjects for playing around with the camera. One of the things I want to shoot is a lamp in Bug’s room – hopefully this month, I’ll find the time to do that.

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