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CSTD Edmonton Expo 2014

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The value of Edutainment

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By , posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 7:41 am.

What the heck? I’m posting more than once a year to this blog? Yeah I know… whacky eh? Well after leaving the ivory tower, and spending time in the snake oil sales environment of private industry (at least for what I was doing), I’m back developing content, delivering that content and reflecting. The biggest difference that I see is that outside the ivory tower, things are not about “what if” or “we can”, the things that get done are those that connect right now. So while these may be years or decades behind what is being suggested by the towers, they are making big impacts. Case in point? One of the things that I’m doing with my new position is developing a set of practice tools/scripted simulations. It’s done in Excel and is something that I would have taught students back in the early naughties. But regardless it’s being received as revolutionary. Granted, this is a very limited audience, but I don’t know if this is something that I would have appreciated had I not been cut from the tower.

But regardless of the technology element, the one thing that seems constant is the struggle for engagement. The content that I’m working with now is dry. But in order to get it across, I need to make it entertaining. So I do that between my personal presentation and the resources that I develop. The entertainment is not over the top, but as much a stand up show as anything else, and the resources are “just enough” and “just in time”. But the entertainment is what is making the biggest difference – think about it this way. My content is a pine tree, my show and dance is that makes it a Christmas tree. The value comes from the trimmings.

So if you are still with me, you might be lamenting the lack of details here. Well that is one of the down sides of where I am now. I can’t talk about what I do, but I think I can reflect on my practices.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more as time goes on… but in the mean time, it’s nice to be back.

My 2012 Predictions

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By , posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 at 2:00 pm.

Hello?? Is this this on?

Moses, it’s been a while since I posted here, but I thought I’d at least get some thoughts down as how my predictions for 2011 went and to share what might come out in 2012.

So here are my ideas for 2011:

  • More mobile – who really cares what the latest computer is? Everyone is buzzing about phones. Between the fast revisions, portability and dropping price, the promise of capable computing in your pocket (as opposed to the office/den) is appealing to everyone
  • Social everything – we’ve seen how powerful Facebook has become, and it’s not going to weaken anytime in the future. There might be some ripples with Diaspora or other new services, but if they don’t use existing services as a rooting point, they are not going anywhere. To make change, you’ll have to convince a planet wide mob.
  • Bandwidth battles – net neutrality will come to a head again and there is going to be more available, but the providers are going to find more ways to charge for it
  • Text will still rule – even though video and audio will be easier to capture and transmit, people will still post and communicate using letters.
  • Education might actually get the hint that social and mobile compute is something that should be given consideration – well I can hope

So how did I do?

  • More mobile – I think I got this one pretty good. Mobile is eating everyone’s lunch as we go into 2012
  • Social everything – Occupy, Arab Spring and many more history changing events were enabled by our social tools. If people thought that social was only for loners and geeks, they should think again. I got this one.
  • Bandwidth battles – Almost. In Canada, we got a half solution, but we also are offered far more wireline based (including Wifi) than before.
  • Text will still rule – yup, got that one as well. txt messaging has only got bigger.
  • Education might actually get the hint that social and mobile compute is something that should be given consideration – Not being on the ground there, I don’t know how I didn’t but I don’t think any real traction was made there.

So what are my thoughts for 2012?

  • Even more mobile – cheaper and smarter, but not at the same time
  • IP Soap Opera will have some manner of climax – the litigation over IP and patents is embarrassing for everyone involved. I have a hunch though that something is going to wake the litigants up (including Apple) to this fact.
  • Social everything – more than ever before, it will be the glue that knits together separate experiences.
  • Social nothing – our social tools will become old… allowing them to get really useful.
  • Alternative interfaces – Between Siri and Kinect, I’m sure there is going to be some significant traction in the realm of data entry into systems that are increasingly ubiquitous.

So, hopefully I’ll post again next year to see how I did, but in the mean time, I’m still hoping to change this blog into one that is more photography oriented. The problem is of course time. Between work, family, and starting a business, there hasn’t really been time to reflect. I hope that will change, but if not. I’m still sharing all manner of thoughts on edtech, teaching, tech in general and photography on G+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Another change of focus

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By , posted on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at 8:49 pm.

Well, if you’ve been a regular reader, you likely noticed that this blog has changed gears with what I’ve been doing professionally. After the events of last year, it’s been a bit lost and for the majority of this year, it’s been nothing but pictures of the week.

So I figure it’s time to fill you in on what I’m planning. Part of what I’ve been doing now, as a part time photographer is organizing photography classes. These are going fairly well and this spring/summer, I’ve launched photo walks. With this new start, comes a new start for this blog.

The pictures of the week have been a way for me to reflect on the learning process as I’ve self taught and learned through various sources, the art and the science of photography. Now what I’m going to do is bring that to the forefront. Editing in the Dark is going to now focus on photography and telling stories through the static image. On occasion, I might still reflect on education in general, but as I am further removed from formal education and now more connected with informal and just in time learning, it doesn’t make sense to comment on what has passed.

Updates won’t likely come as often, but they will come and I hope you’ll continue to read this.

Picture of the Week – Blue star

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By , posted on Friday, April 8th, 2011 at 2:04 pm.

Blue star

Originally uploaded by idarknight

This week the sun finally came out and the colors of the amazing star flooded the land with life. And it started melting the snow to boot! But since I can’t really take a picture of the sun and still have a working camera at the end of the process, I’ve taken a picture of this representative model.

Picture of the Week – Social ladder

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By , posted on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at 12:25 pm.

Social ladder

Originally uploaded by idarknight

I know I’m late to post this week, but things happen right? Anyway. This week I chose this shot because it was the first one that I could use the tilt shift on in a very subtle manner. Last week you can see where the effect stops and starts, this one, not so much. This one looks like it was shot with a large aperture macro more so than a phone.

I’m trying very hard not to double any of my shots, but it seems that either I’ve got a very boring life or that my minutia isn’t photogenic. So far I’ve been lucky. I make a point of planning shots around when I’ll be out and because it is quick and easy to do, I can get away with it. So as this 365 project moves along, I hope that I won’t get caught “double exposing”, but I might if there is a different story to tell.

The Black Box has a name

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By , posted on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 at 8:54 am.

While I haven’t done much toward the PhD idea in a while, I have been watching some of the movements by companies in the social media space. One of these moves showed up this week as bought Radian6. The latter being the system that after looking into things a little more almost first my idea of the “black box” that monitors the social sphere. In a way that is good news, as if I get a chance to do this degree, I would not have to get someone to build the box, just explore the elements that are around it.

Picture of the Week – Penguins in a storm (nee Edmonton)

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By , posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 12:44 pm.

There are a couple of things that the new version of Instagram allows. The first is a couple of new filters, and the second is a tilt shift generator. While I haven’t really found much use for it in many shots, this one was planned for using the filter however. Using the mixed media was fun as well, stamping with my daughter while doing my own thing… multi tasking with multi media.

Letters of the Revolution

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By , posted on Saturday, March 19th, 2011 at 2:50 pm.

I know, this is going to be an odd post to fall under change management, but if you think about it… what is going on in the Middle East and North Africa is really an interesting exercise in that… but odd thoughts aside. It occurred to me while chatting with my brother this morning that the most interesting thing about the way that social media, and more to the point, citizen journalism and life-blogging have been used in the current conflicts isn’t the organizing or the reporting of large events and movements. It has been in the way that it has opened up the little things about these conflict areas and allowed the world to see the smaller stories out of which these events emerged. In the past, the letters of soldiers and dissidents would have been found in later years and depending on who came out on top of the conflict, they would be used as proof for the actions that were taken or buried for all time as dirty secrets. Now, social media has put many of those little stories out for the world to see on their own. Not through the filtered lens of the embedded journalist or the official line of the government, but the raw ideas pouring out from those who are able to find a connection to the service of their choice. It will be interesting in a few years time to see what both scholars and laypeople alike say happened for the civilians, the combatants and those forced to be in that middle zone. The governments had their secrets spill out in the open with Wikileaks, it would seem to me that this might be the first time that history might have to acknowledge “secrets” as well as letters and notes from all manner of individuals are released and archived for the world to see and interpret.

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