Picture of the Week – Social ladder

By , posted on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at 12:25 pm.

Social ladder

Originally uploaded by idarknight

I know I’m late to post this week, but things happen right? Anyway. This week I chose this shot because it was the first one that I could use the tilt shift on in a very subtle manner. Last week you can see where the effect stops and starts, this one, not so much. This one looks like it was shot with a large aperture macro more so than a phone.

I’m trying very hard not to double any of my shots, but it seems that either I’ve got a very boring life or that my minutia isn’t photogenic. So far I’ve been lucky. I make a point of planning shots around when I’ll be out and because it is quick and easy to do, I can get away with it. So as this 365 project moves along, I hope that I won’t get caught “double exposing”, but I might if there is a different story to tell.

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