Sexting vs “Spin the Bottle”

By , posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 at 2:16 pm.

It seems that there is quite a bit of coverage in the news media about a paper being presented Peter Cummings at the 78th Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences that sexting is no worse than the old fashion spin the bottle. Cummings says:

Technology does change things, and there can be very serious consequences.

But that obscures the fact that children and young people are sexual beings who have explored their sexuality in all times, and all cultures and all places.

[also arguing]

such online activities are safer than traditional sexual games because there is no immediate physical contact and thus are less likely to lead to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

While the negation of the risk associated with physical contact is eliminated, it doesn’t (from what I can see) take into consideration what happens to these txts and images after they leave the privacy of the two people involved. These situations are what seem to be at issue in the US with kids being prosecuted for transmitting child porn. To me it seems that the harmful elements of sexting go far beyond what might have happened as a result of spin the bottle (assuming there was also no physical contact there as well). In an innocent spin the bottle episode, all that might escape are stories that will fade over time. If an image escapes from a sexting exchange, that could be used to exploit either individual (just use the incredible hoopla that goes up when a celeberty tape goes up into the ‘net) or indivduals involved for musch longer because those images and messages will never fade (though interest in them may, the image will still be there should someone wish to exploit it). Kids – and everyone else sending notes online – should remember that one should always think (Youtube) before they post anywhere.

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  1. Ian H. says:

    Nevermind spin the bottle – “truth or dare” was where it was at when I was in high school ~15 yrs ago. That could get out of hand pretty quickly.

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