TED meets Johnny Lee

By , posted on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 at 9:20 am.

I posted about this video earlier, but now that it’s a TED talk, it’s got some additional creditability:


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  1. > now that it’s a TED talk, it’s got some additional creditability:

    Why? Did the content somehow get better?

    It seems to me that TED is borrowing credibility from Lee, not the other way around.

  2. Raj says:

    I guess it didn’t get better, the optics just improved. The work that Lee has done stands on it’s own, but many people would take the YouTube video to be very amateur (and this is/was to be the followup post to this, but I got sucked into meetings and other administrata before I could write it), while they would see a presentation given to a group as better – the peer review mentality as it were.

    TED and other groups like it do certainly borrow credibility from their speakers. But in selecting their speakers, they set a bar (real or not) to which all speakers are measured against. So the credibility of one feeds the other.

    Finally, like Lee mentioned, researchers should be (and this was going to be the main idea of the post… and still will be) looking to get basic research ideas out using “lay” media.

    Thanks for the prompt to post this reply.

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