Second Brain as a PLE

By , posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 at 11:09 am. Modified on Thursday 10th April, 2008 at 2:58pm.

One of the things that web2.0 has left us with is more places to dump everything that we make or find. There are a number of services that have started up to help mitigate this. Social Networking sites seem to be the high flyers here, but what about the great host of other aggregators out there? To the list below, we add Second Brain. It offers to suck your content from a number of locations, but only from the hosted versions (so it won’t suck in this blog, even though there is a WordPress connection. But it works with things like Delicious and Flickr quite well.

So if you are looking at Web2.0 as an alternative to the CMS that your institution provides, these sites might be your solution. Allowing you to host content in an open manner, but not running into the stigma that surrounds social networking.

I found a related post via OLDaily on this topic yesterday as well.

Other aggregators:

2 Responses to “Second Brain as a PLE”

  1. Lars Teigen says:

    Hi there. Thanks for mentioning Second Brain. We’re working hard to be able to organize all your content, and eventually we want to be able to synch with your blog as well. We plan to add general RSS support in a few weeks that will extend our content capabilities a lot.


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