Facebook and the stemming of friendly spam PtII

By , posted on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 at 11:02 am.

As an add on to last night, the other thing that is very obvious is that people have figured out a way to get a penny out of some of what used to be spam. Take a look at how many of those surveys are now apps that have ads and collect personal info (what on Earth is that data all used for in the end anyway?). But these might face a bit of push-back as now there are a raft of apps, created it seems mostly by young independents, that require a significant spam-out before letting the user of the app see what the results are. Some of these only require one person be invited, but some are 20-100! So not only do you have to spam out to get the results, but you have to have a certain number of friends before you get the privilege of annoying them! So it seems that there is a pecking order in the spam world – these spam apps don’t want you if you are just starting out and if you have only a close circle of friends. But in the end, isn’t this a way to fight back against these spam apps? Who knows, always more questions than answers.

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