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Moving forward

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By , March 11, 2011 9:41 am

Well, as you may have noticed the posting here has fallen through the floor, though I’ve been sure to update my picture of the week. This has got me thinking about what the future of this blog might be. I was thinking about shuttering it, but then I thought about all that I’m learning now that I’m on the corporate side of learning. If I’ve noticed anything in my short exposure to this new world, it is that stories are even more important. It is also very much the case that technology is the essential agent through which those stories are stored and shared. I remember lamenting about technology adoption being slow in schools, but now in business, I’ve got sometimes the opposite problem. Every new tech is potentially a solution, the challenge is to filter all the solutions until they match a problem at hand. So based on that I think I’ll keep going. Posting, I hope at least once a month my reflections on corporate vs academic and the challenges that are faced to try to get organizations that need to teach their people/clients/stakeholders to adopt processes and cultures that will enable that transfer of knowledge to succeed.

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