What the duck

A week in Mexico was much needed this past week, but then on returning, I came back to the same cesspool that I left. While I so feel that I need another vacation, what I need is a change. Hopefully that happens in short order, and leads to better things. If it does that may be a vacation on its own. If not, these white sands and turquoise waters are calling.

Toes in the Water

So it has finally come to pass. boora.ca is going to be home to the extended Boora clan’s online musings. My niece Naomi will be writing at naomi.boora.ca. After a botched WP install last night, I got things up and running. I didn’t have a real FTP client to deal with the files, so that made things go really slow, and somehow a handful of files were missing and then the database kept getting errors. So I pitched in the towel and went with the one click install offered by my host. 

So her toes are now in the water with a public online presence and potentially with some code geekery as well. 

It’s a new world.


This summer, we roamed around Alberta. From Waterton in the south to Japser, Drumheller, and around Edmonton. Through all these travels, we made all manner of memories. Well at least three of us did. The little one didn’t but in making memories with him, I think there was something far more important happening. We were all seeing how this family that had been only three for so long functioned as four; and we saw how little smiles and giggles gave new energy to all of us.  Spirit Island is one of those bucket list shots for me, and with Nut strapped to my chest, I managed to get a shot that I can’t wait to see printed on the wall. There is another print that I want – and it’s very much on the other side of this one. It’s a panorama of Lake Minnewanka that is a washed out black and white. I took that one when Nut was still on his way. We visited the mountains as a family to celebrate his impending arrival and a milestone anniversary for the grandparents. That’s another one that I want on the wall, and together, I think they tell quite a story of how a little change can bring all manner of life to the world.


So this weekend, while visiting family in Lethbridge, at an age of just over seven months, it seems that little K has become self aware. For the first time, he signed for milk, moved with intent, and participated in a game. I know Bug went through all these stages, but they happened so fast that it seems that they may have not been appreciated. This time however, they were duly noted.


We’d seen him lighting up and paying attention to all manner of things over the past few weeks, but now that those lights are on, and we can see that someone is home… things are going to get far more interesting.

It’s time to baby proof.

The Pacific

My favorite flower is plumeria. I first saw them in Hawaii and quickly built an association with the magic of those islands with the flower. But recently, in Mexico, I also saw them. Connected by climate, and the Pacific Ocean,  these flowers always catch my eye and ease my mind. I thought this special feeling was only possible in Hawaii, but when I saw the flowers and felt that peace in Mexico, it occurred to me that it might not be the place, but it might be the Pacific (being on vacation doesn’t hurt). But then it occurred to me that I get a very similar in Vancouver when I’ve been out on the sea wall, so it must be the Pacific.

I don’t know what magic is in those waters, but perhaps it’s because they have no memory (Shawshank), perhaps is the incredible power of the water… or the great many mysteries they hold. Who knows.

The Lexus Line

Before Bug was born, the first vehicle that I purchased was a ’06 Highlander Hybrid. I loved that machine. I was always against buying an SUV because I saw them as oversized planet killers. But I told Neelam that if I were ever to get one, it would have to be a hybrid. And sure enough, that is what I got. At the time, the hybrids were all built on the Lexus production lines in Japan, and in talking to the dealer, the one that I got was one of the first few in Canada (26 I believe he said). Sadly though, I had to give up my Toyota and downsize for economic reasons. But as I’ve mentioned a few times, things seem to be getting better.

As the lease was about to expire on my Mazda 5 – a capable little run around in it’s own right – I started looking for a replacement, and the first place that my eyes looked was to the Toyota hybrid line. But as it happens, Toyota dealers don’t like easy customers. Lexus dealers on the other hand? Well they work their tail off, and they win the customers. So what you see here is not actually the Lexus that I would up getting. I wound up with a dealer demo, base model for about 15k less than the current year. Yes, with some added bonuses on top, I am paying less for a nearly new Lexus than a new Toyota… and I’m getting better service to boot.

The Highlander and the Mazda 5 were both named Stitch, but this new baby – a shiny white ES 300h, is Baymax.

Wow 6 years

Just like today, at least this morning, it was pretty cold 6 years ago. With one small difference. I was still waiting to be a dad. Bug was resting after trying to be born all night, and it’s not until quarter to 5 in the evening that she’s actually arrive. But what a time this last six years have been. Some of the hardest, but most rewarding times I’ve ever had. I was terrified when Bug showed up. A girl? Huh? I don’t have sisters, I didn’t grow up with any girls… what was I getting myself into? Well it turns out, it is loads of hugs, a tonne of giggles, and some quizzicle looks followed by an emphatic Daaadeeeee… Oh yeah, and Lego, lots of Lego… Star Wars, Disney, fashion, and stuffies.

Frozen February

Well birthday month is on us again. Between family and friends, there is quite a bit of celebrating to be had. But it’s also the month that the temperatures head back into the freezer. This year doesn’t seem to be that much different. One thing that is different is that this year, I’m changing my camera system. I haven’t dropped Canon completely, but I’m moving to mirrorless, on the Fuji X platform. I’m really looking forward to learning the new system, but more over, taking control of the process in a new way. Speaking of control, and this being one of those karma things that I am ever keen about. My current main body, my trust 7D, was purchased with funds from my severance back in 2010. I got it with the goal of getting my photography hobby to “puff out a bit”. Well it certainly did. Over the next 4 and some years, I collected all manner of extras and learned all manner of things about photography and myself. But with the exception of three lenses, a broken flash, and the 7D, all my old Canon gear is now gone to pay for the new Fuji. My trusty 30D that captured my nephew, the amazing Sigma glass, all gone. To be resurrected as a Fuji XT-1 body with a 18-135mm f3.5-5.6, and 35mm f1.4 lens combo. Hopefully this helps me grow again.


And so it goes

So another year has come and this year is the first in many where I’m not seeing any really dark clouds or major barriers on the horizon. This year actually seems calm. So by saying that I may have likely jinxed myself.

In getting here lots has changed. The biggest one is sitting on my lap as I type this complaining… Yes, Peanut I know you are hungry! Don’t eat your father! I can’t remember if 2010 felt this way before the layoff, but I think with all the news in the air at the time, everyone knew something was going to happen, and regardless, there would be blood as it were. This time, even with oil in the tank, I’m not worried as much because I’m with a much better organization and with a skill set that is being sought out by employers.

We are also in a home now that we know we will be in for many years and building ties into our neighbourhood that we haven’t before. The poinsettia that is pictured is a present from the Judges next door. This gives strength, even as things like illness try to take it away. Nobody in the house is ill, but our extended family and friends have battled, and sometimes won, against cancer and other ailments. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything has never rung more true.

Finally, this is the 10th anniversary year. So in many ways, we get to do things over again with some better ideas as to what not to do in life, but this time, we get to take the kids along.

And so it goes. Time moves one, things change, but now those changes are looking up.


The image that you may see with this post is a typical long hallway in a hotel/motel in small town Alberta. All manner of doors going off to either side of a seemingly never ending hallway. After my last post a couple of days ago, some things have changed. Some appreciation has appeared inside and outside. So that is reaffirming. So it seems, as ever, all that was needed was a touch of patience.

I don’t know how long this current hallway is, and I don’t know what the doors are going to lead to, but I might as well start down the hall. My room is down there somewhere.